Spray Lubrication Products

The JET-SET® hydraulic spray lubrication systems deposit lubricants of all types at critical areas in the precise amounts needed. The system's modular design eliminates installation problems. Our systems spray lubricants with pinpoint directional control on critical areas at up to 350 bursts/min and also offer a range of triggering devices, such as repeat cycle timers, counter systems, sensor switches, limit and air switches. We can also customize the control of the system to your requirements. A full range of spray patterns is available through the use of different spray tips: hollow round, solid round, flat spray, or off-side deflected flat spray.

JET-SETⓇ systems use a number and letter designation to identify each system. Systems can be configured in many different ways, so we have instituted a-la-carte pricing. Click on “How to Order a System” in the menu above to see how to configure your system.

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