JET-SET ? has partnered with Hydro-Blend to create the most robust and economical, Plant-Wide, On Demand, Central Mixing Station available today. We will work with you and your lubricant supplier to fit each system with the proper Hydro-Blend dosing pump to create an accurate and repeatable mixture. Our system is designed to operate on itís own after the proper mixture is set on the Hydro-Blend. Installation is simple. You are required to: Supply a 60-90 psi air supply, incoming water to the system, Hook up the 110v cord whip into a standard electrical outlet. Once installed: The system will begin dosing water and concentrate together into a 110 gallon holding tank. Once the tank is full, the system will shut down on itís own. When the fluid level in the holding tank drops 6î, the system will turn on and replenish the holding tank. To help extend the life of the mixture, the system will recirculate the mixture at a rate of .5 gpm (adjustable based on lubricant) using a high pressure spray nozzle to agitate the mixture. Each system comes standard with a 10gpm (at 60psi) AOD pump to supply your plant or, it can be used simply to fill sumps, buckets, totes or pails. Every system is equipped with the following: Steel Frame with lifting tubes to house a tote of your coolant/lubricant 110 gallon polyurethane reservoir to hold mixed lubricant /coolant Auto On and Off valves to keep the holding tank full Emergency shut off in case of valve failure Hydro-Blend mixing pump 10 gpm AOD pump with recirculating feature 1 Quart Bladder Accumulator

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