MOD-1E 10 Gallon

Single Pump - Electrically Activated
The MOD-1E JET-SET® spray system comes standard with our 10 Gallon stainless steel tank with sight gauge, reusable filter, and air regulator. This system includes one JET-SET 9100 stainless steel piston pump (0-5cc per stroke) with 5 outlets for spray nozzles. The 9100 pump is engaged using the electric solenoid to receive external signals for system activation. The MOD-1E comes standard 110v unless specified. The electric solenoid in our MOD-1E is wired into your machine which allows lubrication to be sprayed at the beginning of each machine cycle.

The MOD-1E comes standard with one 9100 pump that will give you millions of cycles of maintenance free operation. All JET-SET® pumps provide easy volume regulation by turning the nuraled regulator knob found on top of the 9100 pump. The 9100 pump can be regulated from 0 to 5 cc per cycle.

The MOD-1E can also be equipped with a 1401 timer, 1471 counter, or both. With the 1471 you can count a predetermined number of press cycles before lubricant is required. The 1401 can be set to activate when you want per cycle, including multiple times per cycle.