2 Gallon 1 Pump 1 Solenoid - Electrically Activated
The JET-SET® Jet-Pack module provides you with a complete automatic airless spray system. These systems come with up to Four 7100-pumps and can be activated together or individually. For individual use, the 7100-pumps can come on its own manifold with its own electrically activated solenoid giving you the option of when and where to fire each pump. The JP-1E comes with standard 110v unless specified otherwise.

All Jet-Pack systems come complete with our 7100-pump that offers high life cycles with very low maintenance. Utilizing stainless steel components and Viton seals,our 7100 pump will provide millions of trouble free cycles.

Jet-Pack modules are all stainless steel with our standard 2.5 gallon tanks. The Jet Pack system utilizes a reusable filter, air regulators and stainless steel pumps with quick disconnect to each nozzle. Jet-Pack systems can also be supplied with 5 or 21 gallon reservoirs.

Volume output is from 0 to 1 cc of fluid. Jet Pack pumps are mounted on manifolds for ease of pump change-over.

Whether you use one pump in the package or several, each pump can be adjusted to meet the lubricant requirements for each station. The Jet-Pack system is capable of spraying light water or water soluble oils through individually controlled 7100 pumps. Jet-Pack modules are activated by an electronic solenoid valve. The JP-1E can be configured to fit your specific needs.

Jet-Pack systems can also come with multiple pumps, solenoids, and different sized tanks.

JET-SETⓇ systems use a number and letter designation to identify each system. Systems can be configured in many different ways, so we have instituted a-la-carte pricing. Pricing for each system is calculated based on the “base” model for that particular system. When ordering a JET-SETⓇ system please visit the "How to Order a System" tab of the product menu above


Jet Pack Modules- 2.5 Gallon                                                       Jet Pack Modules- 5 Gallon

JP-1E One Pump System                                                                           JP-1E-5 One Pump System

JP-2E Two Pump System                                                                           JP-2E-5 Two Pump System

JP-3E Three Pump System                                                                        JP-3E-5 Three Pump System

JP-4E Four Pump System                                                                          JP-4E-5 Four Pump System

*** JP=Jet Pack                                                                                     *** JP=Jet Pack  

       2=2.5 Gallon Tank                                                                                5=5 Gallon Tank

       1,2,3,4= Amount of pumps                                                                 1,2,3,4= Amount of pumps

***See "How to order a system" under the "Products" tab in the menu above for more info on how to customize a system for your application.***

Individual Part Numbers:

Sight Glass with Fittings
Stainless Steel Filter
7100 Stainless Steel Pump
Air Regulator Assembly
JP Solenoid
Electrical Elbow
1400 JPC
Electrical Cord 8'
1/8" NPT Male Midget Plug
JET-SET® - JP-1E System Priming Demo
In this video we demonstrate the simple process of how to prime a JET-SET® Jet-Pack system with 7100 series pumps.