Lubrication Systems for Furniture Production 

Nowadays, consumers want quality furniture turned around quickly and affordably. Meet that demand by minimizing friction with support from JET-SET. Our furniture production industrial lubrication systems deposit precise amounts of lubricants on critical surfaces, reducing the chance of irregularities that disrupt productivity.

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How Does Friction Impact The Furniture Industry? 

Manufacturers produce furniture components by forming metal, plastics, and wood into shapes using cutting tools, stamping dies, and other manufacturing methods. Many issues can arise when tooling and workpiece surfaces come into direct contact without proper lubrication. Examples of issues:

  • Galling
  • Scoring
  • Cracking
  • Wear
  • Warping
  • Unwanted Heating
  • Changing Material Characteristics 

Another aspect that furniture-makers must consider is ensuring movable subassemblies – such as drawers, cabinets, leg rests, and more – can open easily. This often requires dispensing small quantities of grease onto hinges during production.

Proper Lubrication, Better Performance

Incorporating an industrial lubrication system from JET-SET into your furniture manufacturing process is very beneficial. These systems deposit precise amounts of lubricants in designated areas, separating critical surfaces and avoiding the detrimental impacts of friction. Additional advantages include:

  • Forms a Protective Film
  • Controls Corrosion
  • Improves Equipment Lifespan
  • Increases Cleanliness
  • Keeps Parts Cool During Operation 

If you’re applying grease to moving furniture parts manually, you may not be optimizing your productivity. With grease spraying systems for furniture production, application occurs on the production line, making it quick and easy. It also distributes exact amounts of grease, which reduces waste. 

Your Metal Stamping Lubrications Solution Provider

JET-SET is a leading manufacturer of automatic industrial lubrication systems for furniture production. Whether your goal is resisting friction resistance during machining or applying grease to moving parts, we have a lubrication solution to meet your needs.

Our industrial lubrication systems are designed to be effective, long-lasting, and easy to use. Parts are made in-house from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. A modular design eliminates installation problems, and pinpoint directional controls enable application at up 350 bursts per minute. A range of triggering devices – such as repeat cycle timers, counter systems, sensor switches, and limit or air switches – are also available. 

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