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Welcome to Your experts in hydraulic spray systems. In business since 1963, for over 5 decades JET-SET® has supplied the metal forming industry with superior service and spray lubrication systems. JET-SET® has the capability of designing and manufacturing turn key lubrication systems for any application.

JET-SET® - JP-1E System Priming Demo

In this video we demonstrate the simple process of how to prime a JET-SET® Jet-Pack system with 7100 series pumps.


JET-SET® Pumps have been serving the Manufacturing Industry for over thirty years. The first JET-SET® pump was the 7100 Series. We've made only minor modifications to the 7100 Series since its inception; a true testament to its durability and design.
The 7100 series remains a great selling and widely used pump decades later. We utilize the 7100 pump in our Jet Pack Series of automatic spray lubricators. These are typically used for specialty or low volume applications. Each pump is capable of supplying 1 nozzle and spraying 1 cc of fluid per cycle.


In this video Nikki and Adam cover all of the components included in a JET-SET® 7100SK pump-rebuild kit.

JET-SET® - 9100 Pump Manifold System Demo and Setup

In this video we show you how to manifold your nozzles together. This will help speed up die change-over and aid in quality control. With this set up you can mount the spray tips directly to the die. This is a fantastic way to save time on the shop floor and prevents having to setup the spray tips the next time the die is used.

24 nozzle Jet-Set system

24 nozzle Jet-Set Spray system power by the Jet-Set 9100 stainless steel pump.

Jet-Set system lubricating a Progressive Die

Mod-1E-10 lubricates a large Progressive Die. This is system is controlled from the press. Each time the press sends a signal to the Jet-Set System lube is sprayed onto the die.

JET-SET® - MOD-1E System Priming Demo

The JET-SET® MOD-1E is our most popular turn-key, off the shelf system we sell. In this video Nikki and Adam go through the easy process of priming the MOD-1E.

JET-SET® - 9100 Pump Seal Kit Repair Demo

In this video Nikki and Adam cover all of the components included in a JET-SET® 9100SK pump-rebuild kit.

JET-SET® - Replacing the Schrader Valves

In this video we discuss some of the issues that can effect your spray pattern and how to remedy them by replacing worn-out Schrader Valves. Contact us for a FREE Schrader Valve replacement tool!

JET-SET® - Our Spray System In Action

This JET-SET® DM1E hydraulic spray system is spraying lubricant on blanks at a large Auto Manufacturer in North America. Once the blanks reach the pick up point the press sends a signal to our JET-SET® system to fire.

JET-SET® - 9100 Pump Priming Demo

The JET-SET® 9100 series pump is capable of supplying 5 nozzle and spraying 5 cc's of fluid per stroke. The 9100 pump is a ridged all stainless steel, piston pump. This pump was an immediate hit with the Stamping Industry. It gives production stampers a better, more cost effective option for those big jobs requiring more lube points.

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