Lubrication Pumps & Spray Systems 

JET-SET® 's Automatic Lubrication Pumps have been serving the Manufacturing Industry for over sixty years. The first JET-SET® pump was the 7100 Series. We've made only minor modifications to the 7100 Series since its inception; a true testament to its durability and design. The 7100 series remains a great selling and widely used pump decades later.

We utilize the 7100 pump in our Jet Pack Series of automatic spray lubricators. These are typically used for specialty or low-volume applications. Each pump is capable of supplying 1 spray nozzle and max output is 1 cc of fluid per pump cycle.  

We soon realized that our customers needed a larger pump that could supply more spray nozzles. We then introduced our 9100 Series pump, capable of supplying 5 spray nozzles with a max output of 5 cc's of fluid per cycle. The 9100 Series is a ridged, all stainless steel, piston pump. The 9100 Series was an immediate hit with the Stamping Industry.  It gave production stampers a better, more cost-effective option for those big jobs requiring more nozzles and more lubricant.

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