Nozzles for Spray Lubrication 

The JET-SET® hydraulic spray system nozzles assure a controlled deposit of lubrication on any configuration exactly where and when you need it. First, the spray displacement can vary from zero to full capacity by adjusting the volume control knob on the pump located on the top of the pump. And second, the spray velocity can be controlled from a soft, gentle spray to a full, strong blast by regulating the pressure in the air supply. 

If your metal forming equipment is covered in excess oil or lubrication, we can help you get the issue under control. Our team of experienced Stamping and Lubrication experts can help you create a repeatable plan to keep your equipment clean and your team happy.  

JET-SET® nozzles come standard with our 80015 flat spray tip but JET-SET® offers spray nozzles to suit any application. We inventory a wide variety of spray tips and mounting accessories to accommodate the most demanding requirements. Let our group of industry experts help you choose the right configuration for your application.

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