JET-SET® Roller Coater

Finally, a Die lubrication system that can withstand shop punishment and get the job done. You've spoken and we've listened. That's why JET-SET® is proud to introduce the most rugged rolling stock lubricator on the market. Available in 12, 30 and 48 inch models. Lube can feed externally through the drip tube located above the upper roll or, internally. Lube is fed through the inside of the 2 inch diameter aluminum rollers where it can saturate the 2-1/2 inch diameter JS-RC-33 felt rollers. Excess lube is then caught in the drip trough and can be returned back to the reservoir. It is easily integrated with all other JET-SET pump or lubrication systems and most other lubrication systems and pumps. The unit is available with extension springs or air cylinders.