JET-SET® Fully programmable system

Fully Programmable Spray System
JET-SET® designed an On-Demand, Automatic Stock lubrication system for the metal forming industry. In typical JET-SET fashion, this system is quick and easy to set up and will provide years of steady, reliable service. Spray nozzles, valves and manifolds can be configured to fit your exact needs.

Each system comes equipped with a 7gpm air-operated diaphragm pump, 1 quart pre-charged bladder accumulator for steady consistent spray, air regulator, electronic solenoid valve(s) for spray head activation (110v ac or 24v dc, specify at time of purchase).

The standard JS system comes mounted on our Porta-Mod-Cart and is designed to pump from a tote or drum. Systems are also available with 10 and 20 gallon stainless steel reservoirs. The system easily integrates with your PLC or Press controls. The system can be expanded to accommodate up to 20 nozzles. Each nozzle-valve combo can be individually controlled from your controls or from our Jet-Set Spray Nozzle Controller (not included).