JET-SET® Manifold Assembly

Can be used with 9100 pump and all MOD systems
The JET-SET® Manifold System allows for clean and easy spray nozzle placement, with pinpoint accuracy. Set up is quick and simple. Mount the manifold (centrally located if possible) on the press or better yet, on the die. Run our #3800HD hard nylon tubing from the manifold to the spray nozzles and you are ready to start spraying. Using 1 line to feed the manifold will keep your press clean and neat. This helps to eliminate all that long tubing that hangs all over the press and disrupts your operators and maintenance team.

To order please use the following:

MS-5QD = 5 port manifold 

MS-5PF = 5 port manifold 

MS-5DL = 5 port manifold


MS-6QD = 6 port manifold

MS-6PF = 6 port manifold

MS-6DL = 6 port manifold


QD = Quick Disconnect #802

PF = Push Fitting #820-P

DL = Nut and Sleeve #820